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Glassware / Mirrors

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02 - Convolvulus Vase

G1 - Convulvula Vase

Specification : h: 25cm (9 3/4");

w: 14cm (5 1/2")

Price: 25.50

03 - Irish Sail Training Vessel v2

Irish Sail Training Ship

Painted on a glass door panel


Painted in a hard wearing glass paint, heat treated to minimise scratching and chipping, best cleaned with a soft damp cloth, do not use abrasives

Strawberry Jam Pot with Spoon

Strawberry Jam Pot with wooden spoon

Starburst Jar

Starburst Jar

Celtic Jars

Celtic Pattern Jars

G2 - Gaff Rigged Ketch and Schooner Bottles

Schooner - 15.50 ea

Gaff Rigged Ketch & Schooner Bottles
Peach Flagon & Sunflower Jar

G3 - Peach Flaggon

Spec: h: 33cm (13”); w: 17.75cm (7”)
Price: 12.50

Sunflower Jar

Russian Pattern Jar and Starburst Decanter

Russian Pattern Jar & Star Decanter

~ Mirrors ~

Peach Blossom Mirror - transparent
Wood Surround Flower Mirror - transparent

Wood surround Flower Mirror - Sold


Peach Blossom Mirror - Sold

Glassware Art
Please request best P & P

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