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Aboriginal Art

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I visited Australia in 2006, and gained a renewed passion for Art when I encountered some Aboriginal Paintings. On my return I created my own versions of the Aboriginal Art I had seen, painting hunting scenes and stylised animals on canvas, my friends decided they must have a copy of their own

A1 - Hunting

71cm x 91cm

28" x 35 3/4"

290.00 - Unframed

p & p free (UK only)

Every part of nature to an Aborigine has a significance, eg. Caves are female - they symbolise the womb, hence the woman in the cave in the bottom right of the picture.

Aboriginal Kangaroo 600
Aboriginal Hunting Scene

A2 - Family Life

Acrylic on Canvas

40cm x 100cm

15 3/4" x 39"

200.00 - Unframed

p & p free (UK only)

Aboriginal Art

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